Founded in 2012, The Calumet Artist Residency provides space and opportunities for artists. We have hosted over 20 artists in a restored duneland cabin in Gary, IN.

We look for opportunities for artists to engage with the local community through lectures, exhibitions and workshops with local students.
In 2015, we began work on a community art and nature park. This space will eventually host programming fed by artists in the residency.

The Calumet Artist Residency strives to accentuate the significant local natural beauty while acknowledging the troubling relationship between industry and nature.

The residency was named after the Calumet River, which in turn, was named after a ceremonial Native American Peace Pipe. The Calumet was once a great post glacial lake, but after decades of development, it has been reduced to a series of heavily industrialized waterways. It has been declared a disaster zone in some areas due to pollution. Where it begins, just 1/4 mile from us, the river is inhabited by beautiful and diverse flora and fauna. The residency aims to recognize this duality, an oasis amongst industry.

We are located in the Miller Beach Arts and Creative District, one mile North of the SouthShore train station.